How to sign up as ComelFashion Member:

1. Go to ORComelFashion Membership Sign Up2. Look for "Human Icon" at the top right corner or the "Shopping Bag Icon" at the bottom left corner.
3. Click in the icon and look for "Register" or "Join Now" option.
4. Fill up your personal information and click "create". Then, you are officially a ComelFashion Member! 

How to check your ComelFashion's points:

1. Look for the "Shopping Bag Icon" at the bottom left corner.
2. Sign in to your ComelFashion Member account.
3. Then, go back to the "Shopping Bag Icon" to check on your point on the top panel.

ComelFashion Member Points Redemption Flow

How to redeem your ComelFashion's points:

1. Sign in to your ComelFashion Member account and click on the "Star Icon"
2. Look for option "Ways to redeem".

3. Click "Redeem" button.
4. Navigate left or right to adjust on the desired amount of points that you wish to redeem. Then, click "Redeem"
5. System will generate a unique code for your redemption to be used right away. In case, you missed out or accidentally closed the window. You could go to your inbox of your registered email to retrieve back the unique code.
6. Alternatively, you can also go back to the "Shopping Bag Icon" and look for "Your reward" option for the unique code.